Monday, September 27, 2010

Warren Kinsella Great Defender Of The Long Form Census?

Update: Video Added H'T Wilson In Comments.

Just saw Warren Kinsella on Evan's show, along with Monte Solberg and Peggie Nash. Seems like Warren has had an epiphany in regards to the census being mandatory. Absolutely there is no doubt the Conservative government has mishandled the communication of this decision. But what's up with Warren? He ridiculed the governments position to scrap it, and mocked Monte for saying the census was an intrusion. Thing is, I remembered Warren being against the long form being mandatory. In fact, I read it on his blog:

"I refused to fill out the long-form census thing, as I have written below, because (a) the questions were pretty intrusive and (b) I don’t believe governments are sufficiently careful about sensitive, private and/or personal information. They’re sloppy as Hell, in fact.

On the latter point, various commentators have taken me to task, huffing and puffing that reputable government agencies – like StatsCan, I guess – never, ever let sensitive info leak out.

Ever, ever!"

He also did another post here:

And here:

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