Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ignatieff, Layton and MSM Silence On Bloc MP's "PM Propaganda Accusation" Deplorable...

Enough time has passed since a Bloc MP's comments first appeared in Quebec media accusing the PM of spreading propaganda by sending students letters encouraging them to visit Canada's National Parks. Coming from a Bloc MP, it's easy to dismiss the statement as being completely ignorant in fact. What is completely disgusting is the fact none of the leaders of the other parties saw fit to comment and support the PM, and more importantly, support Canadian's and our great country. Have Ignatieff, Layton, and May become so partisan in seeking Quebec votes that they allow something like this to pass? Accusation

Even more complicit in the Bloc's comment is the MSM, most notably Canadian-taxpayer funded CBC. But no, seems CBC is more worried about American petitions and SUN media. Kady O'Malley is more worried about who signed a petition Snuffelufugus than the fact a Bloc MP is herself spreading propaganda. Then there is her infatuation with Guy Giorno stepping down at years end.

Looks like the Coalition including the Bloc is alive and well, and supported by the CBC.


wilson said...

''...none of the leaders of the other parties saw fit to comment and support the PM, and more importantly, support Canadian's and our great country....'

Iffy and Jack have to be careful not to offend their coalition partner, the separatists.

In the coalition of losers agreement Dec 2008,
LibDips signed off on 'not' tabling legislation to give BC AB Ontario more seats in Parliament,
to appease their separatist partner.

Nothing has changed, Iffy and Jack need Gilles, and will not ruffle separatist feathers.

Anonymous said...

Kady and her brethren at CBC and CP subscribe to the axiom that any enemy of their their friend.

Demonization and omission of balance are the key tools of the trade for these rabid Harper hating journalists.

Liberal leaning journos consult liberal/left academics Hello Prof Mendes in order to deliver the perceived opinion of liberal left readers. Of course everyone else is a luddite, bible thumper.

Such selfish, ridiculous divisiveness.


Jeff said...

Dissing our capable PM and its more passive expression (not coming to his or rather Canada's defence) is the MO of Canada's loyal opposition and most of Canada's mainstream media.

The understated issue here is this: do they even like Canada?

Fay said...

I agree Jeff! the understated issue is, if they do really like Canada. Bingo, you nailed it.
I have often felt that the CBC is an enemy of my country Canada.
The criticize and never praise!!!

Jen said...

Jeff, you are right there is no love no respect no pride for our country from any of the opposition parties and their media.

Remember the vote on ANTI-TERRORIST ACT BILL? Guess what Jeff, only the Conservative party rose to vote the others well, they thought nothing of the sort; they sat on their hinds. I guess Jeff, you me our families and safety do not count- we are not worth their vote.
They do not love this country period; even when the internation leaders spoke highly of our country not one of the opposition parties ever bothered to stand by the PM for the love of our country.

Forget the national media-they are plain cowards; they love no one but themselves.

The msm will pay dearly for what they have created. HATRED. LIES, AND CONSTANT MANIPULATION.

Hoarfrost said...

The more neutral one becomes it seems the more radical the CBC becomes less neutral.

maryT said...

Who was it that asked PMSH if he loved Canada.
If not from the students of today, where will our future leaders come from. Guess Quebec doesn't want any of their students to be leaders in Canada. Oh, forgot, they want to separate and be their own country-Bangladesh in waiting-

Jeff said...

Michael Ignatieff, leader of the coalition, doesn't like our national parks either save one, Algonquin Park.

Anonymous said...

Jeff .... the Coalition Troika Junta is alive and hiding, trying to make it look like they are stand alone parties.

The December, 2008 Coaliton Accord is still a live document because none of the parties have officially withdrawn from their contract.

If you read the Accord you will discover that it lapses in June, 2011 ... ya think ..???

Anonymous said...

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