Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Smitherman Still Completely Out To Lunch....

Mayor hopeful George Smitherman's latest policy gem:

"Hoping to capitalize on frustration over road repairs, George Smitherman is promising merchants a “money-back guarantee” for project delays and to fire city managers who don’t work together to avoid them.

Smitherman, a mayoral contender, made the announcement Tuesday on Roncesvalles Ave., which is being torn up for the second time in two years.

The former deputy premier said he would have the city build into construction contracts a clause that would force contractors to pay a financial penalty if they cause a delay in road projects.

Instead of the penalty flowing to the city, the money would go to nearby businesses hurt by delays, like the many on Roncesvalles hurt while the popular shopping street has been torn up, he said."

First thing that comes off the top of my head is the fact many road repairs are delayed due to inclement weather. Does Smitherman really think contractors should be on the hook for Mother Nature?

Secondly, even Curious George should know that all the contracters will add in extra cash to cover uncontrollable delays when tendering contracts for Toronto. It's done on time and they reap a financial windfall, delayed and they still come out with whatever they were looking to make.

I could go into the fact about how you decide an equitable way of distributing said cash penalties. I'm thinking a store bringing in $100,000 weekly might think they deserve more than one taking in $10,000.

Maybe Smitherman should stick to things he's dealt with in the past. Maybe put forth a policy plank about setting up computerized health records for Torontonians.

Oops, never mind.

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Anonymous said...

i am firmly convinced that once you are bred to think liberal, your damaged goods forever. how can someone who claims to be educated still not realize that benefits must be paid to one person must be paid by someone else. the rest of ontario will have to pay for that horrific idea because as you so rightly put it, the contractors will simply add an extra percentage to the bottom line. get with the program smithers! your carryover ideology from your provincial lib cousins will cause far more damage to the city of toronto than miller already has.