Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Edmonton Journal Writer Must Be An Illiterate Sun Reader...

Well hey, I guess this journalist should get top marks for showing their bias against the PM. It's just such a shame she is that ignorant, oops, make that uninformed as us Sun readers are called, to simply know the facts before actually putting something in print:

"Last week, a mystery was solved in my household. For about the last month-and-a-half, Caller ID has identified an Ottawa number which continues to call my home but not leave a message.

I happened to be home when the call came through one afternoon, only to discover it was a fellow working for Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

He told me the call was to provide support for the prime minister. I was quite irritated and relayed this to the caller.

I asked why they had been calling my home for the past month-and-a-half and why no message was left. He told me they are not in the habit of leaving a message.

I explained that I am not a fan of Harper or his party and would he please stop calling my home. He responded that indeed they would now that they had actually spoken to me.

They must have lots of time and money as well as a better long distance plan than I do.

Funny that there is a plan in place to stop telemarketing, but the Prime Minister's Office uses this tactic without a qualm."

Lorraine O'Brien, Edmonton

You see Lorraine, it's kinda like this. To stop telemarketers from calling, you first need to register your phone number. Secondly, and more importantly, if you are going to whine about something, try educating yourself on the actual rules first:

"If I register my telephone number on the National DNCL, will I still receive telemarketing calls?

When you register on the National DNCL, you will receive fewer telemarketing calls, but there are some exceptions including:

•registered charities
•political parties and candidates
•opinion polling firms or market research firms conducting surveys
•newspapers calling to sell a subscription
•organizations that have a business relationship with you, for example:
◦you’ve done business with the organization in the last 18 months
◦you’ve inquired about the organization’s products or services in the last 6 months


hunter said...

Do you have the link to that article, or are you going to make me dig for it?

Anonymous said...

And it is not the Prime Minister's Office calling you -- it is the Conservative Party of Canada.

CanadianSense said...

Hunter here it is