Monday, May 19, 2014

Why Would Any Ontario Voter Want Even One More Minute Of This?

Let alone 4 more years: (originally penned by Lorrie Goldstein)

The Liberal record:
1. “We will hold the line on taxes”
 — McGuinty’s signature promise in the 2003 election campaign,
 which he shredded with a $2.6 billion tax grab, the largest in Ontario history.
 The HST, which massively extended the reach of the province’s 8% sales tax
 to such necessities as gasoline, electricity and home heating fuels, soon followed.
2. “We will not raise the debt”
 — The Liberals have doubled Ontario’s debt to $281 billion since taking office.
 Paying interest on debt, at $10.6 billion annually, is now our third-largest expenditure,
 after health and education.
3. “We will make sure the debt goes in only one direction, down” — See above.
4. “We will stop the waste of taxpayers’ dollars”
 — The Ornge, eHealth and gas plant scandals alone,
 in which billions of tax dollars were wasted, put the lie to this Liberal promise.
5. “We will respect your hard-earned tax dollars” — See above.
6. “We will balance the budget” — See above.
7. “We will live by the balanced budget law”
 — In 2003, McGuinty pledged, in writing:
 “I ... promise if my party is elected as the next government, that I will:
 Not raise taxes or implement any new taxes without the explicit consent of Ontario voters.
 And not run deficits.” After the election, he broke all three promises.
8. “We will measure every investment against results.” If the Liberals had kept this promise,
 the eHealth, Ornge and gas plant scandals would never have happened.
9. “We will make sure your health care dollars are invested wisely” — See Ornge and eHealth, above.
10. “We will bring peace and stability to our schools”
 — Ontario students have just lived through a year of teacher unrest,
 including the shutdown of extra-curricular activities, over the Liberals’ belated
 attempt to rein in teacher salaries and benefits, after nine years
 of throwing our money at them.
11. “We will ensure there is transparency in public education”
 — Instead, the Liberals unleashed a controversial sex education curriculum
 with no warning to ordinary parents. Now we’ve learned
 Education Minister Liz Sandals doesn’t even read the curriculum documents she signs.
12. “We will ease gridlock with a seamless transportation network across the Greater Toronto Area”
 — After 10 years in power, gridlock across the GTA is worse than ever and
 the Liberals are making exactly the same broken promise again.
13. “We will shut down Ontario’s coal-burning plants by 2007”
  — The Liberals still haven’t closed them, now promising to do so in 2014.
14. “We will bring clean, renewable energy to Ontario”
 — Under the Liberals, wind and solar power are producing minuscule amounts of
 unneeded, unreliable, inefficient and expensive electricity,
 which has to be backed up by fossil fuels. This will, according to the Auditor General,
 cost Ontarians billions of dollars extra on their hydro bills, for decades to come.
15. “We will bring stability to Ontario’s electricity market” — See above.
16. “We will respect the views of rural constituents by giving their MPPs free votes”
 — If that was true, Liberal MPPs wouldn’t be responding to furious complaints
 from their constituents about having industrial wind turbines rammed down their throats
 with form letters.
17. “We will ensure that all developers play by the rules”
 — Unless they’re wind developers, where the Liberals took away the rights of local citizens
 to oppose wind projects.
18. “We will give real legal rights to victims of crime”
 — In 2007, Ombudsman Andre Marin described Ontario’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
 as “unreasonable, oppressive, unjust (and) wrong,” stooping so low as to
 humiliate a grieving father when he asked for funds to help bury his five-year-old daughter,
 who had been raped and murdered.
19. “We will lift the veil of secrecy on government agencies and appointments”
 — In fact, the Liberals routinely resort to obfuscation, stonewalling, misdirection and
 deceit when answering even basic questions about who does what in their government.
 Think of their farrago of lies in the gas plants scandal.
20. “We will help create jobs and spur economic growth”
 — According to the Auditor General, Ontario is losing two to four jobs for every
 “green” job the Liberals create, due to skyrocketing electricity costs.
- The EHealth scandal
- The slush fund scandal
- The lottery corp scandals
- The CancerCare scandal
- The MPAC scandal
- The Children’s Aid scandal
- The hospital consultants scandal
- The Niagara Parks Commission scandal
- The tire tax
- The electronics tax
- The cheap beer surtax
- The hidden hydro tax
- The planned hidden gas tax
- The ‘smart meter’ tax
- The ‘Eco’ tax
- The auto pension bailouts
- The Nortel pension bailouts
- No reduction in HST despite $4.3 Billion from the feds
- The forcing of WSIB on all construction owners
- The staggering increase in the Sunshine List
- The failure at Caledonia
- Selling out to the teachers & civic unions
- The blatant Nanticoke lie
- The squandering of record revenues
- The nanny-state banning of nearly everything
- The public funding of sex-changes while de-listing eye exams phsyio & chiro  <<<======
- The billion-dollar-per-year burden of Family Day
- The billion-dollar flip-flop on The Oakville gas plant
- Saddling rate-payers with billions in subsidies to Samsung & Ikea
- The various Ombudsman/Auditor-General condemnations
- Turning Hydro into a luxury for the rich
- The by-election bribery's
- The refusal to correct foreign ownership of our beer market
- The outrageous property assessments
- The stifling of private health services
- The illegal and unconstitutional secret G20 law
- The acceptance of garbage-striker extortion
- The harassing labour inspectors
- The idiotic preoccupation with homosexuality lessons for third-graders
- Dumping the blue box program onto small businesses
- Imposing blood alcohol rules that punish the innocent
- The $58 Million ‘severance’ to tax-collectors who didn’t miss a single day’s work
- Socialized daycare
- Canceling the ‘mandatory’ LHIN review & giving their CEO’s $15000 raises
- Sneaking tax-dollars into Liberals campaign team coffers
- Raising tuition & auto insurance to highest in Canada
- Sinking Ontario into Have-Not status.
-And just in time for the election: cleaner kickback scandals
-The Centre of Forensic Services cutbacks
-The Ontario Health Premium
-The Introduction of the Harmonized Sales Tax
-Wynne's brother-in-law appointed as $210,000/year interim eHealth CEO
-The London CAS charged $1.4M for false accusation and deleting documents
-David Peterson, brother-in-law of Deb Matthews,
  appointed Pan American Games organizing committee chair
-Health Minister Deb Matthews blames doctors for nursing homes drugging residents at an alarming rate
-The Ring of Fire fiasco
-The 500+ deaths in hospitals with c. difficile and then all reports on the quality of care
 made subject to privacy legislation
-Wynne's wife owns 50% of a consulting company that gets government business - including Ministry of Health
-The numerous CAS problems identified by Provincial Auditor General include luxury vehicles,
 resort vacations, etc.
-The lack of oversight regarding how often babies die in unregulated child care
-The lack of enforcement of education law by the Ministry of Education
-The billions in subsidies to Samsung and Ikea
-The Northlands fiasco - more costly to shut down than to operate
-The huge severance packages and bonuses paid out by taxpayer dollars
-The creation of the Ontario College of Trades
-The Solid Gold scandal
-The AGCO decision disallows contract brewers like left field brewery at events that are
 licensed with a Special Occasion Permit (SOP)
-The Full Day Early Learning - Kindergarten Program
-The Drive Clean Program changed to cost more
-The 21,000+ adults and children with developmental disabilities on wait lists
-The proposed hospital and winery grant to to win another by-election (fails)
-The minimum wage increase concerns
-The $1.4B Windsor Parkway's serious safety flaws from substandard materials
-Mike Crawley awarded $456M wind contract while Liberal Party president
-The $2.5B lawsuit from cancellation of turbines of Scarborough shore which
 saved 2 Liberal seats and led to WTO ruling
-The mishandling of the outlaw of pit bulls
-The $10 tax on tax increase on license plate stickers every year for the past 3 years
-The introduction of a “modest” 70% increase on the heavy truck licensing sticker fees.
-The lack of provincial action regarding the Law Society of Upper Canada that
 does not protect the public from lawyers who steal from their clients.
-Millions spent to remove the "C" from OLGC - to redesign our Provincial logo
 while at the same time telling us that $5 was more than enough to feed seniors
 in a nursing home every day
- $4 billion dollars taken from the debt retirement charge fund, thereby adding 5 more years
  to the payoff time
-The whole new division of civil servants when McGuinty hired people all over Ontario to plan
 bus routes for school kids - before that it was done FREE by the school bus companies
 and school management - a mess because McGuinty's people sit in a room with a map and school
 bus companies drive the route to make sure it's safe for kids but McGuinty's people don't know
 what side of the road the sidewalk is on - total chaos and we now pay more people for a terrible job.
-The Liberal's clean air reports over the years. They change the data from year to year,
 and explain that away as "updated information". So for example, if you superimpose the
 new data over the old, what they claim as a reduction in emissions, is actually stagnant
 straight line. Nothing but a constant barrage of lies, lies and more lies.


Bobby Htack said...

I can see a really great PC ad inspired from your list Paul.

Imagine the a Star Wars like theme and visuals like in the movie that roll up the screen.


Martin said...

After all this Frank Graves at Ekos publishes a poll showing Liberal support in Toronto at 52%. Take that with a enormous dash of salt, which I do, still results like that are astonishing. Tim Hudak has a lot more work to do.

paulsstuff said...

Can't take credit for this Bobby. Someone emailed to to me anonomously. Whoever you are, thanks.