Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Talking Points For Tim Hudak

Tim, I saw your opening phto-op at Metalworks, and I gotta say, I wasn't impressed. You looked ill-prepared for questions you should be able to give a decisive answer to within seconds. Given the past Ontario elections, which both you and John Tory should have won and fumbled, I'd like to take this opportunity to give you some of what I consider valuable talking points to use throughout the campaign.

#1. When asked about the Ontario Music Fund, you should have answered that voting against the budget does not mean you are against everything in the budget.

#2. You should have and need to point out the provincial legislature functions differently than the federal parliament. Because of that voting against the budget is the most effective way and pretty much only way of defeating the Wynne Liberals in a minority situation.

#3.  Kathleen Wynne is blaming the federal government for the provinces financial woes, which we all know are self-inflicted. You need to be able to rhyme off multiple examples of waste and excess funding.

#4 Wynne wants to make the election about the Ontario Pension Plan. Point out that Dalton McGuinty brought in the Health Tax Levy, at a cost of $2.5 billion, and then put that money in general reserves. Despite that levy Ontario's debt has more than doubled. Wynne has already stated the pension deductions would be used for transit and infrastructure, and given her dismal record on boondoggles this will be just one more.

#5 You need to connect with seniors. No other age group shares the rage and worries of out of control electricity. Here's what I would do. Have an example of an average seniors electricity bill from 2003 and what that bill now costs in 2014. And don't just include the increase in kwh pricing. Point out the delivery charge and all other user fees added under the Liberals.

#6 Ignore Andrea Horwath. This election is all about you and the Liberals. NDP voters might vote Liberal, but most will not vote PC. Those swing voters, the PC-Liberal swing voters are what this election is really about.

#7 Rather than pick a fight with labor groups, point out that if your party ran the province in a fiscally responsible way, then their would be room for pay and benefit increases whenever collective bargaining arose.

#8 Last, and most important, do not be afraid to mention Mike Harris name. Point out the incredible job growth under Harris. Mention turning Bob Rare's $11 billion deficit into surplus. Blunt the phony attacks about health care cuts by reciting the exact increase year by year under Harris.There are many Conservatives in this province who long for the Harris era. And with Wynne afraid to even mention McGuinty's name, please challenge her anytime she makes that ridiculous claim that this government has only been in power 1 year. SHE IS DALTON MCGUINTY'S LEGACY!


Unknown said...

Hey!!! Someone who has a plan for the Tim & Co. Really hope they take it to heart.We cannot afford 4 more years of Wynn & the lying liberals. Please Tim; have a plan and don't be afraid to talk about it....Steve O

Unknown said...

Your talking points are exactly what Hudak needs to be using. Have you sent them along to him? They're a heck of a lot better that what he's using now.

paulsstuff said...

I'd be more than happy to provide ideas and strategy for the campaign 24/7 for free. All they have to do is ask. paulsblues45@hotmail.com

Obviously the media are going to do whatever they can to undermine Hudak. Just compare questions given to him and ones given to Wynne. If I had to bet I'd say Wynne already knows what questions are coming as the answers look too scripted,

Hudak needs to lock into electricity rates as it's something everyone can relate to and it really is Wynne's achilles heel. Not only can he fan the flames of outrage people have over their bills, it also allows him to tie in and keep alive the gas plant scandal, as well as the fiscal incompetence of the Liberals. It also neatly ties Wynne together with McGuinty.

The million jobs plan is great, but it just comes across as another campaign promise, something that McGuinty has tarnished for all future elections.

Martin said...

If Hudak could just articulate a fraction of the environmental damage, corruption and arrogance of the Liberal connected wind companies ravaging SW Ont, he might gain some followers. While urban voters are largely indifferent to human suffering outside their area, they all pay electricity bills, It is simple to lay out the absurdity of subsidizing costly wind power, only to export it at a loss.
I believe he is terrified of stumbling onto another "foreign worker" like file where the Toronto press will destroy him.

He alone of the leaders does have a policy of immediate moratorium on new wind factories, with a repeal of the FIT tariffs. Too bad that he seems afraid to emphasize this, for fear of upsetting the Green consensus.

paulsstuff said...

That's exactly it Martin. he needs to stick with his convictions, which in my opinion most voters in Ontario would be on board with. A moratorium will pretty much assure the rural vote across the province, and could lure swing voters in the urban core.

Sandy Crux said...

Paul -- Just sent Tim Hudak this Tweet with the URL for this post.

Sandy Crux said...

Oops. Forgot hyperlink. https://twitter.com/sandycrux/status/464016364361895936