Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hudak Hitting His Stride, Needs To Hammer Home Electricity Costs

I've gotta say, I'm feeling better about Tim Hudak everyday. On CTV with Robert Fife today followed up by CP24 where he discussed his transit plan, this is a guy who looks confident, especially in his policies. And while his focus on jobs is a good one, especially among younger voters, in many ridings skyrocketing electricity costs are the first thing out of most peoples mouths. And where I feel the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals are most vulnerable.

 The fact is most Ontario voters, who are furious their electricity bills have risen over 40% don't realize that they are in fact paying millions more to have the U.S. take our excess capacity yearly. That's a pretty big albatross for Wynne to carry around her neck. She keeps bragging how wonderful her energy plan is, willingly ignoring the damage inflicted on the economy, business, jobs, and most importantly the low-income and retired seniors, many of whom have had to cut their spending on essentials like food to keep the lights on.

 So here are what I think are the key points both Hudal and all PC candidates should be putting front and center.

1. Your electricity bill has risen in excess of 40%, and re-electing Kathleen Wynne will get you another 43% increase.

2. The taxpayers of Ontario have paid millions for the U.S. states and other provinces to take excess electricity from us, while at the same time have we been crushed with a 43% increase on our own bills.

3. Despite a cut in electricity output at OPG, there has been an increase in managers? Most are on the Sunshine List making in excess of $100,000 plus bonuses.

4. McGuinty/Wynne have allowed electricity providers like Veridian to add on new service charges like the delivery fee, and further allowed increases to those fees.

5. McGuinty/Wynne have tried to mitigate the political damage to themselves by having electricity providers like Veridian switch from 3-month billing to 2-month billing cycles. In my case I was paying roughly $200 every 3 months in 1996. I now pay $225 every 2 months, while at the same time I'm using less electricity.

6.McGuinty/Wynne also have repeatedly tried to cover themselves with questionable statements. For example when Wynne talks about the increased cost of electricity under the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals, she tends to just talk about the actual percentage increase per kwh, never including the increased service fees and charges imposed under Liberal rule.

7. And most importantly, Hudak needs to make it obvious to everyone he will put a moratorium on any further expansion of Wynnemills and FIT tariffs. He also needs to bring home the connection of those connected with the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals who are raping millions, if not billions at the expense of the average Ontarian.

 So keep it up Tim. Keep hammering that job plan, which I think is a winner. Just make sure to give electricity costs the major issue of this election, something which is pretty indefensible for Wynne to sweep away.


Pissedoff said...

Lets not forget all shutdown wind mills and gas plants that get paid full price for not producing.

Martin said...

The extent the big city media go to avoid talking of electrical rates in general and Liberal wind follies in particular, suggests that this is a defining issue. I well remember the annoyed looks on CBC anchors last time, as they waited for Perth-Wellington to clinch a majority for McGuinty. Even the day after they were in denial that a minor problem like wind turbines could affect an election. This time it will be much worse for Liberals.

Mike Sansano said...

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