Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sorry Neil.....

but I think your rant on TV today was a little disingenuous. Seems you've taken a page from David Suzuki's playbook and decided to play politics rather than be factual. You see, here's the thing Neil. Alberta's oil industry rapidly expanded under the Liberals from 1993-2006. In fact Canada's ghg emissions rose by roughly 25% in that time. Of course I never heard a peep from Suzuki nor yourself during that time.

 So lets put that aside and look at your comments today. You see Neil, I've actually studied both sides of the science of AGW. Apparently you have not. During my studies I found examples too numerous to count of people like Gore, Suzuki, Hansen, and the IPCC getting caught lying and putting out false or manipulated data. I discovered that the number of scientists who accepted the AGW theory and have now stepped back reversing their support to have tripled if not more. I've found studies by highly acclaimed scientists stating the earth is in a cooling period, and will continue to do so for the next 10,00 years.

 In fact Neil now that the temperature has not risen, and some studies indicate actually cooled in the last 17 years. people like yourself are the ones who ignore science. When confronted with the fact temps aren't rising, they argue the oceans are acting as a heat sink, and the warm water is sinking to the bottom. Do yourself a favor Neil. Study how different temperatures of water react. And then try and explain to me how warm water is sinking below water much cooler.

 Part of your rant also included you stating you were 25 miles away from the oilsands and your eyes were burning. You stated your son had to wear a mask because the air quality was so bad. Problem is Neil you prefaced that by saying it occurred when you drove your electric car from San Francisco to Alberta. First of all Neil, that must be some electric car. The range of the current models offered, including the Prius and Volt would not have a chance of travelling that distance on a single charge. So I'm assuming that electric car also ran on fossil burning gas part of the way, right Neil? But that's not the biggest flaw in what you claim Neil. You see Neil, your hometown of San Fransisco is not known for having air quality superior to Alberta. You see Neil, if you took the time to actually look at the, ah ,SCIENCE you would see that there is a far greater chance of your eyes burning in San Fransisco than pretty much anywhere in Alberta.

 And Neil, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the majority of smog in Canada, the stuff that causes those burning eyes and hinders respiratory function originates in the good old U.S.A. You see Neil, people gotta stay warm and need electricity to power those lights. Your current home,the  U.S.A. likes to burn coal Neil, the biggest threat to climate change. Come to think of it so does China. Hey Neil, here's an idea. You obviously care a great deal about the planet. How's about going to, say Beijing and doing a similar rant against that countries government? I'll even pay your airfare. You see Neil, you talk about paying attention to the science. China is now the world's biggest emitter of ghg emissions. In fact, and this comes from scientific sources Neil, China's increase in ghg emissions year over year is greater than Canada's total emissions. That's right Neil, just their increase alone is greater than our total emissions. Surprised the good Dr. Suzuki never pointed that out to you.

 The thing is Neil, I can go on for hours about the science around global warming. And I can recite facts to back up my argument. It's a pity that you can't. While your musical career has been a wonderful legacy, your ignorance of the actual scientific facts are not. Let me help you get started educating yourself Neil.
  • In 2010, oil sands accounted for approximately 6.8% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.
  • In 2008 (the latest data available), oil sands accounted for about 0.15% of overall world greenhouse gas emissions.
  • According to Environment Canada, GHG emissions per barrel of oil from the oil sands have been reduced by an average of 26 percent between 1990 and 2010.


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Did you know?
Antarctica's record low temperature can't be entered into the Guinness Book of Records, as it was recorded by satellite rather than a thermometer.

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Excellent rebuttal BCL. Kind of proves my point about not looking at scientific facts but rather stick to the idiotic rant that if you don't believe in the theory of AGW you must be a hack.

Hey, here's an idea. Put forth some scientific data to prove your point and I'll come back with something to rebuke it. Ahh, what the hell, I'll start: