Friday, January 3, 2014

BMW's, Starbucks, Gift Cards, Kathleen Wynne, And Your Retirement Pension.....

After blowing $1 billion cancelling gas plants to win votes, it appears Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberal Party have learned nothing. In one of the most blatant attempts at vote buying I've seen in my lifetime, non-elected Ontario Premier Wynne showed what she really thinks about people outside of Toronto. $50 and $100 gift cards for people living in Toronto to replace lost food. Live in Durham Region? Screw you. Wynne doesn't think you matter. As long as she can buy enough Toronto votes to win the next election, anyone outside of the Toronto core is collateral damage. Lose some of those rural seats but win at any cost.

 Yep. Kathy will ruin your landscape with Wynnemills, charge you 10 cents more per liter of gas to placate those Toronto voters who demand better transit but refuse to pay for it themselves. In the face of an ice storm that costs you loss of electricity for days, Chatty Kathy doesn't care. She'll make prescreened photo-ops to Toronto households carrying baskets of food and drink for those critical Toronto votes. Your foods gone bad?  Don't hold your breath waiting for Kathy to visit you with something to fill that fridge and cupboards.

 Kathy has other priorities. She needs to make sure that family of 4 that just got out of that $80,000 BMW SUV each get a gift card. That downtrodden guy that just walked out of the LCBO with a $40 bottle needs Kathy's help to. Hey buddy. Here's a $100 gift card. They always say you should eat before getting loaded. Hey Kathy, that lady holding the $7 Starbucks cafe latte crapuccino must have lost some food in the fridge. Pass her a card would you. And don't forget the obligatory smile and hug cause the cameras are on you.

 What this gift card fiasco does is show you the complete and utter incompetence of the Ontario Liberals. It was like this under McGuinty and it's even worse under Wynne. ORNGE, OLG, E-Health, Gas Plant cancellations. Wanna know why it's taking so long to pay off that hydro debt you get charged on every bill? It's because they have a board that eats up millions in salary and perks. Wanna guess whether anyone on that board has ties to the Liberal Party? This group of so-called leaders have no conscience when it comes to blowing billions upon billions of taxpayers dollar$ through pure incompetence and utter disregard for how hard we work for our money.

 Now ask yourself. Do you really want Kathy and the Liberals running your pension plan.

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