Monday, January 13, 2014

CTV Exposes Neil Young As Another Environmental Hypocrite

Kudos to CTV for exposing  the REAL STORY about Neil Young's anti-oil sands push. Seems Young had his crew driving around in a diesel fuelled bus. Young also made sure none of the reclamation sites or anything that puts the oil sands in good light was shown.

In my previous post, the first comment received was from Big City Lib, simply calling me a kook.  I asked him for a debate and hope he accepts my offer about both Young and the oil sands. We can even do it in live time.

 As for Young, not only does the CTV piece expose his agenda, but I would like to also provide two more examples of his hypocrisy regarding the oil sands and fossil fuel industry. The first can be found HERE. Young is so worried about global warming he saw fit to drive around a reporter for several hours in a 1951 Willy's. Not the most enviro-friendly vehicle, eh Neil?

 The second example can be found HERE. Nice, a 425 cubic inch fossil spewing land yacht. My 1968 Camaro's 350 cubic inch engine puts out almost double the horespower of Young's Cadillac, while getting over 30 miles per gallon highway due to the overdrive transmission and rear end gear I installed. And I should mention it's only part of his "car collection". Funny Young made sure to mention his electric car, the Lincvolt, while never letting anyone know about his car collection. By the way, that Lincvolt caused a $450,000 fire in a warehouse when the charging system failed. Wnder how much smoke spewed into the air.


robins111 said...

In light of the constant whining of the lefties, we've decided to even stop calling them the 'Oil Sands", when the drag out the 'Tar Sands" thingy.

There are several of us, who will only refer to them as the 'Canadian Energy Sands' in the future. Try it, the head explosions are a sight to behold.

Matthias Macfarlane said...

I wish that irresponsible jerk had just kept his mouth shut.
I used to like Neil Young's music. i thought he was a great artist and I owned most of his albums.

I've pitched them all. Neil Young will never get one dime from me again. Now Young is to me the same kind of arrogant out-of-touch a**hole as Bono and McCartney. Both of those clowns should have stuck to music. That's what they know.

dmorris said...

I have never been a fan of Neil Young and his whiny voice,or his self-righteousness. He first pissed me off with his "Southern Man".

But, like most rich showbiz people, he has to try to push his world view on the peasants, while making damned sure he's well looked after, ever notice the price of tickets to his concerts?

Young,like James Cameron, will never get a cent from me, can't stand Neil's whiny voice and will never watch a Cameron movie.

When the wealthy elite seeks to put hard working people out of work to satisfy their egos, they lose me as a fan. Young,Hannah,Cameron, and the rest of their ilk can go to hell.

dmorris said...

There are about 6000 products made from oil,many of them essential,here's just a partial list.

It isn't just for burning in limousines.