Monday, October 22, 2012

One Robocall Riding Bites The Dust-Is This Riding Next?

Nice to see that one of the seven ridings being contested by the Council of Canadians over alleged robocalls has been DROPPED. You might remember I did a blog post about a woman in the riding of Nippissing  and what seemed to be a conflict between her sworn affadavit about receiving a robocall and something she had posted on her FACEBOOK page. Tonight I sent off a link to my previous post to the Conservative Party of Canada. I have no idea whether this persons sworn affadavit is legitimate or false, and make no allegations whatsoever. It is interesting however that cell phone records, including the one sent from her Blackberry while in Quebec should be quite easy to produce and either verify or dismiss whether she was in fact at her home when she alleges to have received a misleading robocall.

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Gabby in QC said...

I certainly hope the 2nd riding you mention meets the same fate as the first one, i.e. the one that has been dropped. Wasting all that time, effort, and taxpayers' money based on a complaint from someone who doesn't even know which riding she lives in is beyond ridiculous.