Sunday, October 28, 2012

Has Glen McGregor Completely Lost It?

Interesting post over at Alberta Aardvark's blog. Seems journalist(?) Glen McGregor has tweeted mocking Conservative MP Ed Fast for having the audacity to wear a poppy so early. Now McGregor ties to dismiss his pathetic tweet, stating he would have done the same had any NDP or Liberal MP been the first person he saw wearing a poppy. McGregor has a picture of Fast wearing the poppy taken from CTV's Question Period on October 28th.

 I guess McGregor missed question period on Friday, October 26th,when many MP's of all parties had poppies on their lapel.

 I patiently await your tweet mocking Megan Leslie of the NDP for wearing a poppy on October 26th. And by the way Glen, the reason the Legion puts the poppies out now is because poppies are the main revenue the Legion has for assisting and supporting our veterans. Ya think they might not have quite the same fundraising numbers if they put them out for the one day?


Fay said...

It certainly appears that Mr. McGregor lives in a bubble. i just checked your link and the NDP's at Question Period on Friday all wearing poppies.
Mr.McGregor has some explaining to do!

Thucydides said...

All members of the Canadian Forces started wearing poppies then as well. Or is he going to complain about that too?