Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Will Someone Please Point Out The Obvious To Thomas Mulclair...

or Jennifer Ditchburn, or any other moron stating Conrad Black is receiving preferential treatment by being allowed to return to Canada, and cite Omar Khadr as a comparison. Really?

 Well, seeing as nobody I have seen has pointed out the obvious, including members of the Conservative government, allow me to.

 Conrad Black was convicted of a crime in the United States and served his sentence. Upon his release after serving out his sentence, he has requested and received a one year temporary permit to enter and stay in Canada.

 So Mulclair thinks Khadr should be treated the same? You know what. I'll actually agree with Mulclair. Khadr should also be treated the same way Black was. In late 2010 Khadr was sentenced to 40 years in prison, but is to be released in 8 years due to his plea bargain and time already served.

 So yes, by all means Mr. Mulclair, let's treat Khadr exactly the same way Black' case has been handled. That will allow Khadr, like Black, to serve out his full sentence in the United States, with his release coming in 2018. At that time he will also be able to apply to the government for readmission.


Anonymous said...

Correction..Conrad Black was railroaded in the USA for actions in Canada.

Bec said...

That one will go way over their head so let's make it simpler for simple minds.

One was a terrorist who gleefully MURDERED an American medic which on the battle field is the equivalent of 6 more deaths.

The other one was convicted of essentially cooking the books.

Cooking a life VS cooking the books?

I think Thomas should request this wee victim to move in to Stornoway. They are similar in nature and would get along famously. Born in Canada but passionately embrace another country and it's citizenship.

bubba brown said...

The NDPQ-F just not ready for the big leagues.
We do not need another weird-beard terrorist like like Kadhr.
His bomb making 101 video and pictures of him dancing around holding severed hands and feet says it all.
Looks like yet another clear cut case of Opposition acting like idiots along with their accomplices in the press gallery.
Shameful and disgusting it might play well in their own little bubble, I don't think Canadians are impressed.
Love is better than anger?
This is indeed the Legacy of Jack these fools can't tell the difference between a murdering jihadist and a somewhat ambiguous fraud conviction.
Aren't we lucky Bin Laden wasen't captured alive?
Embarrassing bunch of lightweights. IMO
Cheers Bubba

harebell said...

A criminal record is a really big obstacle for foreigners wishing to enter another country.
He has a criminal record and chose to throw away his citizenship, so is foreigner.
Is it really that hard to follow?

paulsstuff said...

Why was it he dropped his citizenship again?

harebell said...

He wanted to become a Lord more than he wanted to remain a Canadian.

paulsstuff said...

Actually it was because a small petty man by the name of Chretien had a hissy fit, and invoked a resolution that in reality wasn't in effect, to block Black from the title.

And why the hissy fit? Because Black's newspapers had the audacity to report on misconducts by Chretien.

Reminds me of Francis Bedouin, who was victorious in a lawsuit where the judge found Chretien tried to ruin him both financially and emotionally.

And Harper's the bully.