Tuesday, May 8, 2012

407ETR Donating Thou$ands To McGuinty Liberals And Hudak Conservatives

 That seems odd. Much has been written about drivers having their license plate and drivers license renewals denied due to supposed debts to the 407ETR. What amazes me is the 407ETR can basically hold people hostage, simply by notifying the Ontario government about an alleged debt. In fact, it's the only example I can think of whereby they do not have to prove their case, by taking supposed non-payers to small claims court or higher to prove their claim of default.

 But why would an independant company donate thousands of dollars to both the Ontario Liberal Party and PC party?  Below are donations made to the Ontario Liberal Party. Contributions to the PC Party mirror those made to the Liberals. Someone please explain why the 407ETR would donate to two different parties, similar amounts.If it was just one of the two parties I guess they could argue they think that is the best party to lead Ontario. Instead they support two polar opposite parties? Seeing as how the government has the power to enforce these sticker renewal denials, along with toll increases, it does give a stench of, let's call it an alleged conflict of interest. Someone in the msm should be looking into this, especially in light of the fact another round of road toll increases was recently implememnted.

407 ETR Concession Company Limited  04/18/2012  04/20/20129,300.00    9,300.00  

407 ETR Concession Company Limited  03/16/2011  03/18/20119,300.00    9,300.00

407 ETR Concession Company Limited  12/31/2010  01/13/20114,000.00    4,000.00  

407 ETR Concession Company Limited  01/30/2009  02/02/20094,400.00    4,400.00  

407 ETR Concession Company Limited  08/08/2008  08/08/20081,500.00    1,500.00 

407 ETR Concession Company Limited  10/01/2007  10/16/20076,000.00    8,000.00  

407 ETR Concession Company Limited  06/18/2007  06/27/20072,000.00    2,000.00  


Dave Hodson said...

I actually agree with the Ministry of Transportation blocking license renewals for non-payment of 407 bills. For one thing, it was part of the original agreement when the highway was sold. But more than that, unlike any other business dispute, the 407ETR cannot stop motorists from using their highway.

In my business, if a customer owes me money, I can go through the various collections channels that are available, and more importantly, I can cut them off from future sales. I can say pay off your last bill before I'll release your next order. I can choose never to do business with them again if I so choose. Ontario's public highways give all motorists wide open access to the 407ETR highway. Short of building toll booths and stopping all motorists at the onramps (which I certainly don't want), you can't block the deadbeats from using the highway.

paulsstuff said...

Sorry Dave, gotta disagree. Years ago, I received a bill from the 407 that had me getting on westbound at Brock Road in Pickering and eastbound at Dixie Road in Mississauga at the same time in the same vehicle.

Countless hours spent on the phone trying to correct the bill, pointing out it's impossible for me to be in two places in the same vehicle at the same time. Numerous times I was told the bill would be corrected, only to have it reappear months later, with penalties and interest.

End result was they blocked my sticker renewal for their mistake. I had to pay the mistaken charge as I need my vehicle for work, and had to take legal action to recoup my money.

I agree there are deadbeats that use the highway, but it's incredulous that the government can enforce a debt unproven in court. My neighbor received a bill despite never driving on the 407, and took two years to finally have it resolved. He has abusive phone calls from credit recovery and had to fight to get the 407 to take the improper information removed from his credit report.

paulsstuff said...

And it still stinks that they donate to both the Liberals and PC Party at the same time, in virtually the same amounts.

Anonymous said...

And who owns 407ETR? It isn't a firm who has an unblemished record of good ethics...

tammyflores91 said...

@Dave Hodson The problem is the misuse of the plate denial process. Originally it was to assist them to collect tolls, however, they have abused it and the public by suppressing invoices, waiting until there are thousands of dollars in interest accumulated then go hunting down the driver by giving them just a number on a bill with no proof whatsoever of what the amount is for. It takes years to get them to give you any documentation and in the end they still do not prove any lawful tolls occurred, but somehow people are in plate denial. It's a total abuse of the provision and ought to be taken away as a form of punishment for being so arrogant.

Angelo Kosmidis said...

Mr. Hodson makes an incorrect statement. 407 CAN stop motorists from using their highway. They chose to use a transponder model. Toll roads have been successfully doing business in the US for decades without Government intervention. If they want to manage their recievables, then they should go to a toll booth model. That way they will collect BEFORE their highway is used, eliminate any disputes and employ more people in the province. Think of the money they would save in political donations alone!!

Angelo Kosmidis said...

Mr. Hodson's statement about not being able to stop motorists using the 407 is incorrect. They choose to use a transponder system. Toll roads have been successfully doing business in other countries for decades without the need for the government to assist in the collection of their receivables. They should institute a toll booth system. If the 407 adopted a hard ticket and booth collection system they would collect payment BEFORE customers used their highway, they would eliminate any disputes that arise from invoicing and would employ more Ontarians. And - think of the money they would save in political contributions alone!!