Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm Sure Robert Fife Is Calling The Ethics Commissioner As We Speak About Mulclair

Story out today in the Ottawa Citizen about NDP leader Thomas Mulclair having refinanced his mortage 11 times over the years, increasing the debt up to $300,000 from $58,000.

Now I think these stories should be out-of-bounds when talking about politicians. Given we don't know the reasons for the mortage, they should be personal in nature. With that being said, I assume Robert Fife will continue with his own views on this type of mortage financing, and will be contacting the ethics commissioner first thing Monday morning to look into Mulclair's personal finances:

Jane Taber (The Globe and Mail): And there's more on Ms Guergis. … there was a story in the Ottawa Citizen over the weekend from Glen McGregor talking about a new home that she has purchased in Lindenlea for $880,000 mortgage which it seems there's no down payment. Odd.

Robert Fife: (CTV News): That's right. And according to the Citizen story, she's got this house on the Athens on the Rideau crowd and she's, and apparently there's no mortgage on it. She's put no money down on this and she's got some kind of a loan, or, we don't know. They won't talk about it.

Tonda MacCharles (The Toronto Star): A mortgage on it, but it's not clear whether she actually had any down payment and what else was rolled into it.

Fife: So, anyway, she owes $890,000. The issue here is was Ms. Guergis given special treatment? We don't know that, but we're going to have to ask these questions now that the story is out. I will make a phone call to the ethics commissioner… Tuesday.. to ask the ethics commissioner: is this mortgage above board? Because if it isn't, if she's got special treatment that other Canadians have not been able to get in terms of a mortgage, then was it because of her position in cabinet that she was able to get this for a house? I think this could be quite a serious issue here. Maybe quite legitimate but, if there was special treatment here there needs to be brought out.


Blame Crash said...

Nothing says “american style” like using your house as an ATM.
Which is not surprising when you weigh in the fact that the Canadian leftist are nothing but treasonous, back stabbing toadies to the morally and financially bankrupt Americans. If Obama, Clinton, Gore, Kerry or any of the multitudes of Democrats low life scum bags told the Canadian left to go jump off a cliff, these dolts would do it in a minute. All the while wondering if this would be the thing that would finally elevate them into their obsession for “world class” status.
The same goes for the Toronto media frauds. They, being the dopes they are, just tag along behind the NYT’s and ape everything they do and say
What a bunch of creeps they truly are.

Patsplace said...

What "Blame Crash" said!!!