Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Warren Kinsella Sinks Another Step Lower.....

Great posts up by Joanne's and ChuckerCanuck about WK's latest pathetic attempt at smearing the PM. What amazes me the most is Kinsella's selective choosing about which religious groups and their followers should be defended. The guy that pulled out a Barney doll to mock Stockwell Day's religious beliefs now paints himself as the savior of catholics, all for partisan reasons.

As Joanne pointed out, his party supports such things as same-sex marriage and the right to choose. As a church going catholic Kinsella knows both of those things are against catholic beliefs. The next time Warren takes holy communion, will he ponder what the church states are it's positions on a number of issues, many that are the polar opposite of what his Liberal Party preaches?

Kinsella has sunk to such a new low I'm not sure even he could dig himself deeper than he has today. And what once used to be a great Liblog, a BC'er in Toronto now seems interested in riding Kinsella's coattails is his partisan quest. It's even more disgusting Kinsella used the funeral of such a great Canadian, Romeo LeBlanc, a Liberal at that, as another attempt at returning the Liberal Party to office.

Looking back to the Liberal sleaze politics under Chretien, it's now apparent that Kinsella wasn't part of it, but rather the architect of it. The PM deserves credit for attending the funeral, which was the right thing to do. And Kinsella has shown just how much he has jumped the shark. Sorry buddy, your best war room days are behind you. You used to be a formidable opponent. Now you just look pathetic and desperate. Maybe it's time to focus on what your own guy is doing, like say $40 pancakes.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ouch. Brutal, but well deserved.

maryT said...

How will WK cover Iggy's speech in London. How many votes will he get in London for slagging the PM and the stimulus money he and the coalition insisted on. And he has said it is not enough. Now, he tell us that it is wrong. And what does our PM have to do with the guy he is supposed to be lecturing about. And he is charging much more than he did for pancakes.

Ardvark said...

I was going to do a post about this myself comparing what Ignatieff said in London:Canada's "fragile" unity is being rattled by a rigidly Conservative government that plays "region against region and language group against language group,", "In our country, a politics that arouses ethnic and regional resentment, creating wedges in order to mobilize a conservative base vote, is playing with fire." to what his war room guy is doing, but I see others have already covered it and I am supposed to be on vacation.

Iggy has told us constantly that he will not play personality or divisive politics, but yet that is exactly what 'his' guy is doing with what is possibly the MOST divisive topic possible, religion. Why?, and more importantly is he again going to waffle on his words.

Ignatieff has shown little in the way of leadership or real commitment to anything so far. If he honestly wants to retain even the slightest credibility he has to publicly distance himself from WK and his ilk.

Ignatieff cannot afford another waffle. His last few have already taken a toll on him in the polls.

Anonymous said...

Kinsella is a clown that is way to dumb to be able to put together just one good political ploy.

When Liberals are getting hammered by Convervatives shifting boundaries of political debate, proces that intensifies rapidly during summer time, "Kinsella the strategist" looses it completly and he starts to pass the ball to his political opponents.

Michael Harkov said...

So now Warren Kinsella puts up another post regarding this non-issue. I wonder if he is going to fumble this one like he did that cat meat fiasco.

Mr. Kinsella, Romeo Leblanc’s own son was stated how gratified he that Stephen Harper was there to offer his respect, even after the video surfaced. At one time, you were likewise gratified that Stephen Harper did the same for you when someone from your family passed on.

Good Lord, just let it go already. You’re making yourself look like a fool. Remember this Mr Kinsella? -


Warren Kinsella, National Post – June 21, 2005

I am a Liberal, and liberal, but I like Stephen Harper.

The main reason for liking him is personal. When my Dad died, a year ago last week, Mr. Harper called me and my Mom to express condolences. He talked about meeting my Dad once, and he talked at length about his own father, who had passed away not long before.

There was no reason for the Conservative leader to call me in the middle of a hotly contested election campaign. As one of those so-called political strategists, I had in fact written and said plenty that was critical of Mr. Harper and his party over the years. But he called anyway, and that call was something my family and I will never forget. (From my own party’s putative leader, Paul Martin? Nothing. Even
though my father had done volunteer and fundraising work for the Liberal Party of Canada for many years — and even though he’d indicated his support for the Liberal party in his obituary notice. That, too, is something I will never forget.)

“So what?” you might say. How is this in any way relevant to the fitness of one man, or the other, to be prime minister of Canada? Well, because it matters. Because it provided a revealing glimpse into Stephen Harper’s character. Because it suggested to my family and me — die-hard Alberta Liberals, which is about as die-hard as a Liberal can get — that Stephen Harper was, at the end of the day, a nice person.


Does Warren Kinsella have a memory problem?

Anonymous said...

latest Angus-Reid poll puts Conservatives well ahead of the Liberals.

Clearly the liberal war room are still trying to divert the public's attention away from their own lost cause of a candidate...because when Iggy talks it's a far better strategy to help the Conservatives than the Iggy's war room can come up with.

Michael Harkov said...

Heh. Its getting better -


”The priest who delivered the homily at the funeral mass of former governor-general Romeo LeBlanc said Stephen Harper behaved properly when he took part in the communion service last week.

“The Prime Minister did consume the host; he did not put it in his pocket,” said Father Arthur Bourgeois, who had been a friend of Mr. LeBlanc for 30 years….
“We were so flattered that the Prime Minister took the time to come down so we feel embarrassed by the whole controversy he faced,” he said.


Mr. Kinsella himself has written that he is not about to give up this issue of the Communion wafer. He has posted the video in question again. What is he going to say now that the priest who was there says the PM consummed it and that he and the family were happy that he was there?

Just like with that cat meat fiasco; Mr Kinsella just can't seem to realize that the hole is getting deeper - but he just won't stop digging.

maryT said...

Read Colby's column on Iggy in London and his rambling speech.
Also, the PM answered the Communion question during his presser in Italy. Called the story a very low point in the msm.