Monday, July 27, 2009

Final Score: CUPE-1 Toronto-0

So it looks like the game of chicken between Mayor David Miller and CUPE has come to an end, with tentative deals both locals are recommending be ratified. And while details have yet to be released, the head of CUPE local 416 had this to say:

"CUPE Local 416 president Mark Ferguson said today that the union fought back all of the concessions the city had sought but one councillor says that if that is true, Mayor David Miller has some explaining to do.

Ferguson wouldn't give specifics of the tentative deal reached with the city early today, but said that the support of his members gave the "bargaining committee the ability to fight back all of the concessions," the city sought."

So to use a hockey analogy, it appears the game went into overtime, with CUPE being victorious with a soft goal through the five-hole on Toronto goalie David Miller. Ironically enough, Miller appeared to be claiming victory despite the fact the 2.5 million viewers from Toronto saw the puck go between the wickets. And rumor has it that the netminder Miller's contract will not be renewed when it completes it's current term.

Some are comparing Miller's performance in net to that of Dave Reece, who was the starting goalie in that record setting night when Toronto Maple Leaf Darryl Sittler scored 10 points, including 6 goals and 4 assists, most coming against the woefully inadequate netminder.


Anonymous said...

So what was this strike all about? Did David Miller need more friends at CUPE? Toronto is sporting a big, black eye with business, tourists, taxpayers and the ROC. Leadership is non existent in the city. Fern StAlbert

Bec said...

When, in 2 weeks I arrive in the 'big city', will I see a clean, pristine tourist ready city?

I would have paid more, to see the slovenly disaster that the greedy strikers and gutless civic administrators, allowed to happen.

It should be an example to all Canadian cities, what NOT TO ELECT and why the private sector, is the best option.

Pissedoff said...

As I said somewhere else, as long as his pal McLiar isn't helping pay for this it's ok. Suck it up TO you deserve it. Just keep voting for the lefty lunatics.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful analogy PaulStuff, beautiful.

Spare the Toronto-bashing for a change people ... it's old.

Public Service Unions and progressive, cumulative entitlements are NOT just Toronto's problems ... they're Canada's, and yours.

I am not a big union fan at the best of times, but I can live with private sector unions where productivity gains can be driven by rising worker expectations. I cannot except job-for-life unions where there is NO productivity and no INCENTIVE for productivity.

Frankly, Miller's a dangerous individual because he is prepared to use public sector unionized city staff to BULLY the people who pay their salaries into POLITICAL CORRECT compliance. When garbage collectors become the garbage POLICE; and sewer inspectors become the home drain POLICE, then I might as well live in the USSR or Germany (cira 1938).

Miller is a high octane opportunist. He's as dangerous as gasoline in an open bottle, and too smart to know he's dumb.

Michael St. Paul's

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled , CUPE votes this week and even if they agree to end the Strike by Thursday....they WON'T go to work on Friday AND they will get the Holiday Monday off WITH PAY.

This whole Charade was well planned out and Miller WILL not allow us to see the actual settlement.
This is like the TTC scam in the Spring of 2008 where Miller made afuss to run to the Media with the slightest bit of updates on the friday walk-out and threat of a full Strike,but once Miller caved in to the TTC Union he quickly avoided the media and say that the issue was dealt with and it's time to get on with running the city.

So I expect Miller to appease CUPE with a Signing-Bonus equalt to 5 weeks pay and the CUPE members will get Time and 1/2 pay to clean up the mess that THEY caused . Just waith until we get the bill for Simcoe Day wages as a Holiday at Double-Time an hour while they Milk the gabage removal by working even slower than they normally do while demanding 20% more workers to do the exact job with less workers .

Miller is driving Toronto into a debt hole that will bankrupt up, so much for this Wiz-Kid/MBA/Harvard Grad/America Blonde genius , he's the same yahoo that spent $30 Million of our tax dollar to NOT build a $20 Million dollar bridge to the island Airport.
He's also pi$$ing away over $120 Million a year for Shelters for the homeless at Night when he could have Bought the SkyDome for $30 million and used it at Night with full medical services and Security with volunteer Workers wanting to help the homeless for free.

Savant said...

I think the quote is being taken out of context. I'm of a mind that Mark Ferguson meant "the union fought back AGAINST all of the concessions" - which is true, they did. However, there is no way Miller is stupid enough to give in to the unions. It would basically end his political career, and sink any reelection attempt.

I suspect the unions saw what went down in Windsor and knew that if they tried their hand at arbitration they wouldn't fare well.

Furthermore, had Miller wanted to 'give in' he could just call for arbitration from the province and take his chances. At least that way he could claim it wasn't 'his fault' the unions got a sweet deal from the 'unbiased' arbitration process.

Wait for the details, the unions are putting on a brave face, there is no way they got out of this with everything.

Anonymous said...

The Leafs stink.
The Blue jays stink
Mayor Miller really, really stinks.

Like a long dead corpse lying about on hot summer day