Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bob Rae: "Stop searching for scapegoats in Sri Lanka"- Blame Harper

On Tuesday the National Post ran an editorial placing some blame on the Liberals for their support of the Tamil Tigers and LTTE,and the resulting loss of life due to the civil war conflict. Today Bob Rae writes a rebuke to the editorial stating there are no scapegoats in Sri Lanka. Problem is Rae quickly dashes any credibility in his counter to the original editorial with this remark:

"The Liberal party stands firmly on a platform of tolerance, freedom and multiculturalism. The Harper approach has done nothing to restore peace and stability in Sri Lanka."

So Rae says to stop looking for a scapegoat, yet still finds the time to lay some blame with the PM and the Conservative Party. Uh, Bob, I think you spell it H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E. what's even odder about Rae's comments is that the original editorial was actually quite favorable to the current Liberal Party, and more notably, Michael Ignatieff:

"But the Liberals let it happen, watched thousands of gallons of blood be spilled halfway around the world without doing anything about it, for no other reason than to elect more Liberals.

Michael Ignatieff represents a break from this cynical Liberal tradition: In the past, he has stood four-square behind victims of Tamil terror. And this year, while the Sri Lankan army was engaged in the necessarily messy job of finishing off the LTTE cowards who were using Tamil civilians as human shields on Sri Lanka's east coast, he refused to exude traditional Chretien/ Martin-era Tiger apologism. Perhaps the latest news will give Mr. Ignatieff occasion to address the Liberals' past sins more explicitly. Given that the man became leader of his party largely on the strength of his international stature as a champion of human rights, Canadians should expect no less. "

Of course all of this is a moot point, as Rae apparently is trying to rewrite history. There are examples of Liberal MP's openly supporting the Tigers, most notably Paul Martin attending a dinner, along with Maria Minna. Just this year Gurbax Malhi, the Liberal MP for Bramalea-Gore-Malton, attended a rally in support of the Tamil Tigers terrorist group,a rally that included LTTE flags waving in the background, and someone blaring on a bullhorn something about the LTTE. Then there is also this:

"Yet so eager were Jean Chretien and Paul Martin to placate the Tamil voting blocks in Scarborough and other urban Liberal strongholds that they refused on numerous occasions to add the Tigers to Canada's list of outlawed terror groups. This made it difficult for police and security services to move against front organizations they felt were acting as money conduits for the Tigers.

Not coincidentally, the investigations that led to last week's raids stepped up just after the Tories kept a promise from the 2005-06 election to ban the Tigers. For their part, Liberal ministers, while in office, often ignored RCMP and CSIS warnings about suspected Tiger-front groups and attended their fund-raisers and community events anyway. Most recently, Borys Wrzesnewskyj, Liberal MP for Etobicoke Centre, and Jim Karygiannis, Liberal for Scarborough-Agincourt, both made speeches at the Canadian memorial service held after the 2007 killing of a senior Tiger commander.

We hear the grumblings all the time from small-c conservatives that the government of Stephen Harper is not different enough from the Liberal governments it replaced. Well, here is one front -- one very crucial front -- on which they are very different: They take national security far more seriously, and are prepared to withstand tremendous pressure from ethnic lobbyists to make Canada safer. This month's raids are the fruits of that vigilance.

Then again, as Rae stated, we need to stop looking for a scapegoat in Sri Lanka. If only he followed his own advice.


Big Red Magnum said...

The Libs do have blood on their hands, Canada was the #1 funding ground for the LTTE when Libs ruled and look how quick the LTTE fell after that funding was stopped by Harper.
The Libs could have helped end the terror in Sri Lanka but chose to help the terrorists continue by not listing them and seizing their assets.
Liberals sicken me.

kursk said...

12 million dollars a year buys a lot of guns and ammo , and Bob Rae should STFU. Liberals are well known for consorting with terrorists, and often flaunt it in the face of Canadians who know better.

Blood on Liberal hands? They are soaking in bathtubs full of the stuff with their continued appeasement of terrorists.

Jen said...

The lefty media cbc ctv g/m t/s etc support the liberals in this.
Paul, as long as the liberals are there; their media stands by them.

Canadians don't have a 'NATIONAL MEDIA-can you believe it. I do.

Bob Rae was an ndper, now a liberal is free to say anything he wants he has his new found liberal media to protect him. It is as simply as that.

wilson said...

Libs won't like this part, PMSH getting credit for having a backbone:

''Shortly after Canadians elected a Conservative government that had the political backbone necessary to finally declare the Tigers a terrorist group in 2006 (
thereby criminalizing LTTE fund-raising),
Sri Lanka's civil war ended in utter defeat and disaster for the Tigers.
It is difficult to say how much Stephen Harper's decision affected the balance of power in the last three years of this conflict.
But we'd bet the effect was significant:
The money that the Canadian Tamil diaspora remitted to the Tigers, as we now know, comprised a large portion of the LTTE's budget.''

Anonymous said...

Rae might as well say something because his leader is doing a lot of talking but nothing's coming out.

JDot said...

Wow, was that a LPC fundraising letter by bobby?

Great post Paul....

If you want to raise cash for terrorist, it is not going to happen under this government. I think that is vey clear now..

Anonymous said...

Actually i thought the Tigers were already on the terrorist watch list since 2001.Looks like my instincts were correct in the last election.Thanks for the heads up.

Jen said...

Paul, it is amazing that the sri lankan government know about Rae and the liberal party support for the Tamil-ltte-tigers to refuse Rae entry into Sri Lankan.

By rights, the national media should be reporting to the public of the liberals support for terrorist groups but would rather not let you know. Why? the least you know of the liberal support for these groups the sooner and faster they lead you back to VOTING FOR the LPOC.

paulsstuff said...

Jen, you are 100% right. It also amazes me that whenever a media outlet puts out a disparaging editorial against the Liberals they get to have a rebuttal posted a few days later. If only the Toronto Star gave the Conservatives the same respect.

Jen said...

Paul, you know how the libs keep saying about prime minister and firewall around alberta?
I find this most hilarious, because the liberals built a 'firewall' around themselves with a big sign 'this is our compound and we are entitle to our entitlement. And, outside that firewall compound are reporter guards like:Taber, FIFE, CLARK etcc. and within the compound where it is not to far to walk the libs have the CBC CTV and other socialist media to suit their party.

We, yes we, the prime minister, our troops and other innocent canadians stand alone outside with just a handful reporters -good ones and together we manage to go through recession without the socialist media's help. Which Paul, I mean, we survived-BRAVO to us and we did without the media's help which means PAUL, 'WE DON'T NEED THE SOCIALIST MEDIA AFTER ALL. Wow! are we awesome or what and so is the prime minister.
How we manage to walk through the brick wall of the socialist media is a 'miracle. DON'T YOU EVER FORGET IT.

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