Thursday, August 8, 2013

Enzo Di Matteo Of NOW: Is This Guy Really That Stupid?

Apparently yes. In another editorial  by a lefty decrying Tim Hudak the big loser in the 5 by-elections, this guy comes up with this proven gem: "It’s a worrisome trend for PC party faithful who thought the gas plant scandal would take them to certain victory in 2011. But here they are two years later still trying to find their way out of the political wilderness. "

Now please allow me to point out the obvious. How were the PC Party faithful thinking the gas plant scandal would take them to victory in the 2011 election when the scandal never surfaced until months and months later, IN THE YEAR 2012 .

 Of course I could mention the PC Party had more total votes than the NDP and third place Liberals, won a seat in Toronto, with the McWynnety Liberals losing 3 of 5 seats that were previously held by cabinet ministers, but really, why bother? Apparently the Liberals have had so many scandals this guy can't even get the year right when this one occurred.

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