Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bell Shows Canadians How To Suck And Blow At The Same Time

 You gotta admit it takes some real chutzpah for Bell to take out full page ads in newspapers across Canada whining about the federal governments decision to allow U.S. based cellular giant Verizon to do business in Canada. Much of Bell's argument against the governments decision is based on the fact it will cost Canadian jobs.

 Anyone who has had to deal with Bell customer service won't be surprised by the fact Bell uses cheap labour in such countries as India to reap billions more in profit. So what Bell, those customer service jobs cannot be done by Canadians here in Canada? Friggin pathetic hypocrites.

 Years ago I kicked Bell to the curb as my cellular, internet, home phone and satellite tv provider. Most of that decision was based on the fact whenever I needed customer service my call would be taken from someone in a far away country, reading prompt cards to me with broken and incomprehensible english.

And now when their profits might take a bit of a hit they wrap themselves in the Canadian flag and claim to want to protect Canadian workers? In a way I kinda wish I still had one more Bell service so I could tell them to shove it you know where!


john Alic said...

very good news thanks for sharing with us...

CQ said...

Bell Canada is a wonderful company - not. (And I am happy(?) with paying their latest repeated home phone bill increase, after other recent increases. My money should be increasingly taken by the likes of Bell etc. They deserve it more than myself...)