Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Toronto's Star's Thomas Walkom, Stupid Or Ignorant?

because it's got to be one of those two choices. Fresh on the heels of PM Stephen Harper's interview with Peter Mansbridge, where the PM was truthful about the realities Canada might face due to the European debt crisis, Walkom writes another predictable Torono Star editorial, trying to portray the PM as uncaring. Here's a sample:

 "Prime Minister Stephen Harper is warning Canadians to prepare for another rough ride — this time with little help from his government.

He says he is pessimistic about Europe’s ability to solve its twin debt and unemployment crises.

He says that if these crises are not solved before the Greek election, less than two weeks from now, Europe’s financial system will begin to unravel.

He says that if and when that happens, Canada’s banks — and Canadians in general — must feel the pain.

And he suggests that this time around, his government won’t respond with another stimulus package to boost jobs.

Instead, Ottawa will forge ahead with its current strategy of deregulation and wage reduction, a strategy aimed at reducing costs for business.

That’s the gist of Harper’s remarkably frank interview Tuesday with CBC Television’s Peter Mansbridge.

 Now I myself watched the entire interview. I doubt Walkom did. The PM was clear that the government had a contingency plan in place should the European crisis spread to Canada and it's economy. Whatever the reason, it appears Walkom was either too ignorant or lazy to actually verify his facts before printing such a trash piece of journalism. You see, it was just Monday of this week, less than 48 hours before this journalist(?) wrote this, where finance minister Jim Flaherty himself told the media this:

"Flaherty not ruling out possibility of more economic stimulus
Published Monday, Jun. 04, 2012 09:28AM EDT

Last updated Monday, Jun. 04, 2012 04:43PM EDT

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says he is very concerned about the deteriorating situation in Europe and will intervene with economic stimulus if it becomes necessary.

The minister told reporters in Toronto that the government is in a strong position to act as it did in 2009 to stimulate the Canadian economy because it has relatively small debt and a shrinking deficit.

Mr. Flaherty says he will discuss the worsening economic climate with his Group of Seven colleagues Tuesday morning, but made it clear he considers the situation serious.
Global markets have fallen sharply in the past few days as news coming out of Europe worsened, with Spain joining Greece on the crisis watch list.

On Monday, Portugal’s finance minister said foreign bailout creditors were providing another batch of the country’s $96-billion (U.S.) rescue package after concluding the government is abiding by the terms of the loan.
Mr. Flaherty says Canada would be hurt by a financial crisis spreading out of Europe or a downturn in the U.S. economy"

 Now given the fact Flaherty's remarks were put out across Canada by The Canadian Press, I struggle believing Walkom was unaware of the government's position via Flaherty or PM Harper. At the least, The Star should immediately issue a correction, stating in fact the PM and his Conservative government do in fact have a plan to help Canadians should the euro crisis cause damage to the Canadian economy.

 The Star and Walkom's credibility depend on it. On second thought, never mind.


VW said...

Would you accept "blinded by Harper hate" as a third option?

paulsstuff said...

Yes I will. LOL