Sunday, December 6, 2009

John Bennett Of Sierra Club Latest Caught In Kyoto Lie

Fresh on the heels of Climategate comes Canada's own John Bennett of the Sierra Club. Caught Bennett on CTV news being interviewed about Copenhagen and Kyoto. In sticking with that fine tradition of fudging facts and figures to enhance the climate-change argument, Bennett stated that only Canada failed to meet the targets it agreed to and said it would meet under Kyoto. Right away I knew he was lying.

Now one would think that these climate alarmists might actually realize that google is our friend, and if they insist on lying they will be quickly called on it.
And with that I give you Exhibit "A". The chart to the right
(courtesy of ) shows that a number of countries will miss their Kyoto targets. Of course Bennett also stated that all Kyoto signatories will meet targets while forgetting to point out that of the 189 countries signed onto the pact, only 39 actually had targets to reduce emissions, but we'll save that for a future post.


Bec said...

Meanwhile you fly into Greece, land, no security check, catch a cab and witness firsthand the devastation of their infrastructure and isolated poverty.

Elements, were obviously spruced up for the Olympics but, aii-yai-yai, not pretty!
What they have obviously sacrificed to hit the propagandized bulls-eye, a travesty.

Rose21 said...

Journalists should be knowledgeable enough to catch that sort of untruth. This is why there is such confusion -- there are too many different versions of the "facts".

hunter said...

How these eco-nuts can even show their faces in public anymore let alone outright lie is a testament to their religion.

Lefties.... believe us, we are your superiors!

Sammy said...

Hey Paul,I caught that same interview,and after I couldn't stomach well,the lame ctv host letting him spew garbage..I flipped the channel,and there on the screen (cbc) was a list of the countries signed on to Kyoto.Lo and behold ONLY ONE (the EU) had met their goals! So..Bennett,you LIE,and ctv let him away with it.
BREAKING NEWS: they just showed Greenpeace idiots on roof of Parl buildings in Ottawa!These morons should be treated as terrorists.

maryT said...

Leave them up there and ignore them.
How much carbon is being emitted in Denmark by all those out to save the world. How many animals will be killed to feed them, and how much energy used to cook all that food, clean all those rooms, fuel to get them back and forth. Hypocrites each and every one.
Please, fossil awards for Canada. And what did it cost, both in money and co2 to bring in all those limos from other countries.

jad said...

I think they should get the firehoses out and spray those idiots with water till they come down. But of course I'm just one of those neo-con reactionary fossil things.

Anonymous said...

The Sierra Liar's Club is it now?

Anonymous said...

Those people have your best interests in mind, I hope you all realize. Have you ever thought about what people with environment groups have to gain from trying to stop climate change? I can tell you it isn't money. Or prestige. Or fame. They sacrifice so much so that your kids and their kids will have a promising future. And so that people living in developing countries at risk won't lose their homes to massive flooding, which has been happening already by the way.