Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Heather Mallick Is An Embarrassment To Canadians Donate Now To Kick Her Out

And the CBC actually pays this wingnut with Canadian tax dollars?

Charles Adler's rebuke pretty much nails it.

" But I will be happy to throw in 133 dollars, one loony for every Canadian who has fallen in Afghanistan since our mission began there nearly eight years ago. Every one of those Canadians was proud of this country. All of them and all who came before them, fought for your right to say what you please. In honour of them, I would propose to our government that we launch a Heather Mallick in which Canadians coast to coast to coast contribute money to those Canadians too embarrassed to be called Canadian. Getting them out of the country would be the greatest social program in the history of Confederation. This chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Heather, as of today, you are the quintessential definition of weak. One very weak Canadian."

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I'll match Charles $133. In fact, Mallick can choose the destination of her choice, as long as it's a one-way ticket and it takes her outside of Canada's borders for good, and I'll pay for the flight myself.


Bec said...

I hope this happens, FOR REAL.
I would hate to see the momentum lost and then end up talking about this again a year from now, as we were last year, when she wrote the mindless vitriol attacking Sarah Palin and the Republicans.

This woman, can't possibly be human, certainly not in the emotional sense.. She shows no tendency at all to having a rational, sophisticated process occurring in her brain that applies something called, decency.

Let's do it! Send this pathetic bitch, packing!

rightful said...

I will donate to achieve this honourable end
at the same time , we must get the government to commit to de-funding the CBC entirely
the ceeb must compete with ordinary folk to get normal funding, and free us from this idiotic tyranny

wilson said...

Al-Jazeer has an opening Heather!

Jen said...

send her to where she belongs-SIBERIA. Take Ignatieff as well, since he also made a statement on foreign television "that canada is disgusting.
CBC seems unperturbed what they both said which means, they(CBC) too consider canada the same.
And we who pay CBC are told that we are disgusting and hateful.

When was the last time CBC reported to canada for canadians and not only liberals for liberals and always-NEVER.

Ti-Guy said...

So, people should be deported for what they say?

Way to go, nazis.

Ti-Guy said...

Let's do it! Send this pathetic bitch, packing!

And if anyone can recognise a bitch, it's the most practised bitches on the blogosphere...Bec, Wilson, and Jen.

Anonymous said...
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paulsstuff said...

"Way to go, nazis."

Another brilliant ti-guy commentary.

By the way, why wasn't Mallick embarrassed to be Canadian when emissions rose 34% under the Liberals?

Cameron Campbell said...

Because she has the right to be offended by whatever she cares to be offended by?

Now, back to you're original premise: you want to expell (because it's not a deportation) people from Canada for having opinions different from yours and for criticising policies of the government?

TiGuy is wrong - that's not Nazi, it's feudal.

Platty said...

Because she has the right to be offended by whatever she cares to be offended by?

That's fine, but take a look at what she is saying, that is what everyone is talking about here.

If she is so embarrassed by Canada that she deems it necessary to tell the world of her embarrassment, then perhaps she should move to a country she might feel more comfortable in.

And no one is saying deport her, just that we would be more than happy to pay for her to leave....


Anonymous said...

One of the Canadian principles I figure those lost souls were defending was the right of people to stay in the country even if other random loudmouths happen not to like them. I've never been especially impressed with Heather Mallick, and you seem to be cut from pretty much the same whiny cloth. If you don't like the company you see in this country, it may be you who'd be better off elsewhere.

Otherwise, please feel free to stop whining about other people's expression and say something at least mildly constructive once in a while. ktxbai.

Anonymous said...

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