Monday, November 4, 2013

The Next Time The Media And Opposition Questions PM Harper's Judgement, Mention The Name Art Eggleton

 With the media and opposition refusing to let go of the senate story, and now all parroting the line about how badly this reflects on the PM's judgement, I've decided to do some blog posts over the next few weeks that should be talking points for Conservatives. These postings will reflect both Jean Chretien and Paul Martin's judgement in both cabinet and senate appointments.

 First up is Liberal senator Art Eggleton. Eggleton was appointed to cabinet by Chretien. "Eggleton was fired from the cabinet in May 2002, after he had hired his former girlfriend to do some research, creating an uproar over non-tendered contracts and conflict-of-interest scandals. The ethics commissioner Howard Wilson ruled that Eggleton had broken the conflict-of-interest rules.(source: Wikipedia). That's right. Chretien's hand picked cabinet minister was found to have broken conflict of interest rules.

 Now the Liberals might argue that when Eggleton's indiscretions came to light, he was removed from cabinet. That's what makes this blog post so juicy. You see, you actually get a 2-fer bringing up Eggleton., Yes, Chretien's judgement must seriously be questioned, but what about former Liberal PM Paul Martin?

 You see, despite Eggleton being dumped from cabinet and being found to have broken rules, Paul Martin still saw fit to appoint him to the senate. He was appointed to the Senate by Paul Martin on March 24, 2005. He is currently the Chair of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, and a member of the Senate Committee on National Finance.

 Now you might cut PM Harper some slack as the conflicts by Wallin, Brazeau and Duffy came after their senate appointments. But what does it say when a Liberal PM appoints someone to the senate despite previous indiscretions that involved taxpayer dollars?


Sandy Crux said...

All excellent points and questions Paul. So, media, what about it?

TangoJuliette said...

As Minister of Defence he was a clueless tool. Didn't know thedifference between Normandy and Norway, Vichy Regime , Vichy Waer and Vimy.

TangoJuliette said...


As Minister of Defense he was a clueless tool. Art didn't know the difference between Normandy and Norway on the one hand, and on the other he could not differentiate between the quisling, nazi-loving Vichy Regime, the re-hydrating miracles of the wond’rous Vichy Water and the WWI abatoir and charnel-house that was the Battle of Vimy Ridge.
Vimy - the one definitive battle where, Canadians are taught, the dead, the halt and the lame sacrificed all, to help forge our National Identity. Guess Art might have been sick the day this was taught throughout the land.
Without trying to put too fine a point on this man’s abysmal ignorance, which is only magnified by his sad performance in the important ministerial posts entrusted to him, and without prejudice, especially to equine posteriors - at best, this dolt was, and remains, no better than a horse’s arse.