Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Almost Like I'm Psychic

With the announcement today by GM that they would be shutting down the Camaro line in Oshawa and moving production to Michigan, I kindly refer you to my uncanny ability to foresee the future. As I have stated a number of times. CAW head Ken Lewenza would raise his arms in VICTORY, claiming to have beaten back the capitalist enemies after completing negotiations with GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Lewenza boasts of having won the war, keeping Big 3 new hires earning more than their UAW counterparts in the U.S.

 Cue the OUTRAGE from Lewenza today when the news that 1000 more Oshawa jobs would be lost, with Michigan picking up the jobs and Camaro production. By putting a higher labour cost on Canadian manufacturing than the U.S., Lewenza has effectively priced us out of jobs. And it's going to get far worse. We've already seen massive job losses here and plant closures, including the Caterpillar plant in London, the consolidated line in Oshawa among others. Watch for Chrysler to announce the closing of the Brampton Assembly Plant in 2015-2016.

 If Lewenza should be outraged, it's with himself and the master bargaining committee, who were all warned by the companies and economists what the outcome would be should they refuse to accept a deal similar to the U.S.

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