Monday, November 12, 2012

Liberal Party Of Canada The One To Blame For Veterans Funeral Benefits Being Denied, And The Liberal Candidate Proves It

Good post over at BC Blue, talking about the absolutely despicable attempt by the Liberal candidate in the byelection riding of Durham. While I think the Conservative government should be proactive in addressing the fact many veterans surviving families are denied benefits to assist in funeral and burial costs, it turns out the majority of blame for this travesty rests on the heads of Liberals, namely two guys named Chretien/Martin. And the kicker is I found the information from a LINK provided by the Liberal candidate, Grant Humes.

". The survivor estate exemption was reduced in 1995 from approximately $24,030 to $12,015 as part of Veterans Affairs budget reductions. So this means that a Veteran’s estate if valued at more than $12,000 would not make that person’s surviving spouse eligible for support for a dignified and respectful funeral. This amount is considerably less than the poverty level and has not been adjusted since 1995."

Humes has set up the website,, which actually has more to do with fundraising for himself and nothing to help vets. PM Harper should address this travesty immediately, if he hasn't already. As For Humes, people in glass houses sir!


marven Whidden said...

Certain things in life you don’t exploit. Children, elderly and veterans are there among the top. Those who live in the federal riding of Durham may have noticed these new red signs sprouting up with the slogan “Support our Veterans”.
Then you look at the bottom left corner and realize it’s a campaign sign for Liberal candidate Grant Humes. The timing of these opportunistic signs proves there is no depth some of these politicians will sink to garner votes.
To exploit these women and men, who sacrificed their lives so we didn’t have to for the sake of political gain, is beyond shameless.
Mr. Humes Facebook page has erupted with outrage by many in the community. Stating he is trying to send out the message concerning the treatment our vets are receiving, or not receiving is a weak effort at best. Even Mr. Humes former campaign manger admits that the “timing may be seen as controversial”. Of course with most politicians it’s never their fault. Grant was kind enough to let people know that it was Stephen Harper who called the by-election, not him. You didn’t have to put up the signs Grant, nobody forced you. You didn’t have to promote it on your Facebook, yet you did. You could have brought forward veterans to share their plight with us, but you didn’t.
I went to this website and in my opinion it was nothing more than a campaign website with articles on what other parties haven’t done for our veterans. Sadly, if you click on the donate button it takes you to another page where you can donate to the Liberal party, not the vets.
Mr. Humes, our vets are not for votes. Anyone who uses Remembrance Day for his or her own personal gain is nothing short of desperate. This country has had enough with politicians pulling this kind of crap on their constituents to last all of us a lifetime. These brave and heroic people who have served us deserve our utmost respect. They are not pawns to be used with in a political game.
Please take down these signs and apologize

E Mac said...

I agree this is a despicable act, and should be brought to the immediate attention of the powers that be, so he can be admonished for promoting "his cause" and not the veterans who have made it possible.
Talk about unscrupulous - this guy takes the cake.

E Mac said...

This guy is what JT said in the HOC, he is a piece of (not allowed to say that here).