Sunday, September 25, 2011

McGuinty Commits First Major Gaffe Of Campaign

You know McGuinty is in real trouble when comments on a Toronto Star story are almost unanimous in condemning the latest Liberal campaign announcement. Through the first seven pages of comments only a few seemed onside with McGuinty's latest attempt at pandering and vote buying:

"Just ahead of the provincial election, the Ontario Liberals have announced they will halt construction of a controversial gas-fired power plant being built on the Toronto-Mississauga border if they are re-elected."

With the media and pollsters calling the election a dead heat, my reply would be Bullshit. We were told over the course of the 2011 federal election the Conservative's couldn't win a majority. The media told us how great Ignatieff was doing campaigning and how poorly the Conservative campaign was.

Then we were subjected to groundhog day, only this time the media and pollsters telling us Smitherman and Mayor Ford were in a dead heat. The result was Ford getting almost 100,000 more votes than Smitherman.

And now the pollsters tell us how the voters of Ontario don't want change, things are just ducky with McDud as Premier. The funny thing is over the course of a workday I talk with quite a few people from different areas of the province. It's pretty rare to find someone who is voting Liberal.

Scandals, patronage, taxes, electricity rates, hst, attempts at vote buying like mentioned here at the top. People have had enough of McGuinty's waste and sleaze.

As far as I'm concerned October 6th can't come soon enough.


Cory said...

How many jobs will be lost by closing this?

paulsstuff said...

Good point. The guy preaches green jobs then turns them away?

The bigger problem is McGuinty has just put the focus back on energy, pandering to voters in a riding he's in danger of losing. The Liberals cite public backlash over the decision, so what of the backlash from northern Ontario residents over the windfarms?

Guess he only hears and listens to complaints in ridings he has a shot of winning.

haselcheck said...

Won't this mean that fewer wind farms are needed....since wind turbines are so intermittent that they require gas-fired plants to back them up.....Maybe McGuinty can install have the coal-fired plants install the scrubbers that they bought over 5 years again...I guess that McGuinty thought that if the scrubbers were installed he couldn't demonize coal anymore...and it would make it harder to push his green energy agenda...

Martin said...

This provides evidence, if any is needed, of the complete urban-rural split in the Liberals strategy on green energy. They continue to force wind turbine development on rural residents, but cave in to urban pressure on any power developments in GTA. Actually, I'm not sure McGuinty has an energy strategy anymore, as gas-fired plants are essential to back up the mostly useless wind turbines. He said a few days ago in Toronto he was committed to his green plan; so where does he intend to build the gas plants? Maybe he will build them in rural Ont. along with the turbines.