Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Will The Next Election Hold For The Liberals?

2000 election-liberal majority 172 seats
2004 election-Liberal minority 135 seats
2006 election-Conservative minority-Liberals 103 seats
2008 election-enhanced Conservative minority- Liberals 77 seats
2011 election-Conservative majority-Liberals 34 Seats (third party status)

Liberals have now lost 138 seats total over the course of the last 5 elections, with their lowest ever total now at 34. Forget about the skies the limit, looks more like a race to the bottom of the barrel. Today, tears are flowing behind the scenes at the CBC. Susan Delacourt is in the arms of Don Burroughs seeking comfort, and Terry Milewski now realizes how pathetically irrelevant he and his fellow media journalists have become.

It's a great day to be Canadian.

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