Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dalton McGuinty's Legacy- Ontario The Have-Not Province

Seems Dalton McGuinty still thinks Mike Harris is premier of Ontario. In addressing the Liberal convention McGuinty attacked the record of the previous PC government. Of course one would think that nearing the end of his second term he might instead want to boast about what he has done for the province of Ontario during his tenure as premier. He might not want to go there.

Taxes on everything under the sun, eco fees, scandals such as E-Health and the OLG, utility prices through the roof, seriously affecting the well being of the most vulnerable. Huge job losses, especially the manufacturing sector. Cities and towns being an eyesore due to his ill thought out pesticide ban. Bloated bureaucracy, most recently his payback to the teachers unions with all-day kindergarten. He's screwed Torontonians into the ground by granting extra tax powers to a socialist mayor and city council.

All these things are reason enough to turf McGuinty and his Liberal party packing in the next election. But think of this. All politicians, be it federal, provincial, or municipal, want to be known for some sort of legacy, something they did that left a mark on the people they represented. So come next election, voters should think long and hard what Dalton McGuinty's legacy is as premier of Ontario.

My guess, turning Ontario into a have-not province in less than 7 years. That's quite a legacy. Taking the province that was long regarded as the engine of the Canadian economy, and driving it off the tracks and over a cliff.

Come the next election, remember this. Dalton McGuinty, the Have-Not premier. That should work in nicely with my idea for the next PC slogan for campaign ads.

Dalton McGuinty-HAD ENOUGH!

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